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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Installing A Pc Subwoofer

Installing a PC Subwoofer is as easy as choosing your favorite color. Subwoofers are a complete set of loudspeakers and are dedicated to low-pitched audio frequencies. If you have a desktop computer and a music lover, it is best that you have a subwoofer.

Go to a computer shop or electronic store to choose the best brands of subwoofers because the best brands are long lasting. Some of the subwoofers may cost between $200 and $300 minimum. Sometimes the best brands are expensive but if you want a cheaper one, you can just set it up yourself. In fact, there are also online auctions with self-help kit.

Subwoofers are very popular equipment because it gives deep, strong bass to your sound system. The subwoofers divert the notes that full-range speakers cannot reproduce. Subwoofers come in different sizes and shapes and some of its kind are unpowered, component subwoofer, plate subwoofer and a lot more.

How do you install a subwoofer?

1. Unpack the subwoofer and speakers.

2. Position the subwoofers on your desired place and note that you have to identify the left and right speakers. Be careful with where you are going to install the subwoofers, its best that you position the subwoofer at a safe place as well.

3. Shut down the computer and connect the cables of the speakers and the subwoofer. There is also a manual that will guide you with regards to where the cables should be attached. There are cables which are hired-wired to each other but there are cables that are not. Connect the jack of the speakers to thecomputer . Usually the jacks are color coded so all you have to do is to match the colors of the jack to the colors of the port at the back of thecomputer . The kit should also have an illustration of the wiring with its corresponding numbers. With this illustration, the installation will be easy to follow.

4. Plug the speakers to the power supply and turn on the speakers.

5. Start the computer.

6. Test the speakers by playing any music from your desktop computer.

Note that the subwoofer does not have a built-in amplifier so you need to hook it up with an external amplifier as a source of power. Also, although some subwoofers come separately, it is advisable that it is installed in an enclosed space to operate properly.

There are amplifiers used to power up your subwoofer. There are amplifiers that are solely designed for subwoofers and there are some that use a normal pro audio amplifier. The most commonly used amplifier is the plate amplifier which usually includes a crossover. The plate amplifier often times has the crossover mounted in the speaker enclosure.

A crossover separates the frequencies which the subwoofer does not receive. There are commercially available crossover materials which are mounted externally or simply buy a plate subwoofer. Most subwoofers are crossed over at 100 HZ and lower. The crossover points depend on the main speakers and as well as the room where the speakers are setup.


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