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Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Cheapest, Fastest Way to Advertise on the Internet: Forum Posting

Posting on forums is one of the cheapest and fatest ways in which
you can advertise affiliates products on the Internet; however, in
order to do this successfully, you must do a number of things
carefully. Simply starting a thread that contains an affiliate link
might be a good way to get banned from a particular forum board,
but it will never be a good way to make sales.

The general procedure involves making multiple posts on a forum
board before you even setup a signature file, which includes a link
to your site. Even if the particular forum you are using does not
specifically mandate this, you will want to do this, anyway, as it
will increase your credibility - which is your real goal.

You can start by finding a number of forums for your particular
niche or marketing angle. You can find massive lists of forums at
the following two URL:


The first resource is currently the largest forum directory on the
Internet. The second resource contains less directories, but
includes some that are not listed on Big Boards.

Now, once you have selected a number of directories that match your
specific marketing angle and affiliate product, you will want to
investigate to determine whether or not they have rules regulating
signature files. For instance, some sites do not allow any links in
signature files; others, by contrast, allow links, but do not allow
any commercial links. Make sure you know what the rules are before
you post. Otherwise, you are simply setting yourself up to be
banned from the forum.

Next, take the list of forums you have created - that are both
relevant to your topic and allow commercial links - and begin
developing a reputation on those forums. Post regularly, avoid
meaningless fights and flaming, and contribute useful, on-target
information to discussions. In a matter of 1-2 weeks, you will have
developed a reputation, provided that the forum receives a
considerable amount of traffic.

Once you have developed a good reputation, you will want to begin
advertising through your forum signature. Ideally, you will want to
include some eye-catching assortment of colors, symbols, and words
in your signature. This will draw people's attention. You will then
want to link them to something other than an affiliate page -
whether it be a page you created to sell an affiliate product or an
autoresponder course used to capture email addresses.

Remember to repeat this process in all applicable forums. Look for
high traffic forums that allow commercial link posting in signature
files - and that also happen to fit with your specific
audience-targeting and marketing angle goals. Next, create a
reputation. Last, add your signature in some attractive way that
draws visitors' attention, but is also likely to convert them into
interested clickers. You will find that this form of advertising
pays off considerably - and does so faster than other methods

With the basics covered, there are a number of details you should
take into consideration before you start posting. The following are
two advanced techniques, which could score you additional points on
the forums. Not only will they improve your credibility as a forum
contributor, but they could also drive endless traffic to some
product you're promoting...

Technique #1: The "Real Time Project" Post

If you want to succeed with a real time project post, you'll need
to have the dedication to see it through to the end. Additionally,
you'll need the fortitude to deal with being in the spotlight,
since that's exactly what creating such a post will do - put you in
the spotlight.

The following is a simple outline for succeeding with a real time
project post:

Step #1: target one forum related to your market and scan it for
hot topics. Find something that everyone is trying to do. If you're
targeting an Internet marketing forum, for instance, you might
select a topic such as "Adsense sites" or "search engine
optimization" -- two things people perpetually struggle with.

Step #2: declare - in a post - that you are going to attempt to
achieve something related to that hot topic. For instance, you
might say: "I'm going to build 5 Adsense sites in the next week
using the following steps: x, y, z. I will post every detail -
failures and successes - in this thread."

Step #3: actually follow through with your claim. If you make
absolutely no money at all, post that. If you made $3, post that.
At least a few times each week, post a full update, treating that
particular thread as if it is your blog.

By the time you finish with your project post, you should have a
lot of people eagerly following along to see whether you failed or
succeeded - and what you did along the way. This is not only a
great way to network, but it will expand your forum audience in the
future. Next time you make a post, you can count on more people
reading it, which will work to your favor if you decide to make a
product pitch.

Technique #2: Post Product Reviews -- Fast

This technique is short and straightforward. Whenever there's a new
product release, be the first person to jump on it. Grab a copy of
it, review it thoroughly, turn that review into a PDF; and then
freely give it away on forums. Ideally, if you can start to
circulate your version of the review on message boards on the night
of the release, you can expect to pick up a lot of additional
affiliate sales.

With that said, be careful to craft a review that thoroughly
engages the pluses and minuses of the new product. Don't simply
say "buy this"; instead, try to be as thoroughly rigorous and
objective in your review as is possible. And, of course, don't
forget to include your affiliate link to the product at several
points throughout the review!

... And that's all for today's lesson. Don't forget to check your
inbox for new lessons.

To Your Success,
Pawel Reszka


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