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Friday, August 13, 2010

Generate Traffic and Sales with Free Viral Reports

Did you know that the free viral report is quite possibly the most
deadly weapon in an affiliate marketer's arsenal? It allows you to
quickly multiply your efforts while slashing the marketing costs.
All you have to do is develop a viral report for little or no cost,
embed an affiliate link in it, and then find various
avenues of distribution that will ensure that the report is
perpetuated as far as possible - from group to group to group.

Now, with this being said, when it comes to developing free viral
reports, a considerable amount of finesse is needed. Simply jotting
down garbage, tossing in an affiliate link, and then attempting to
send it to everyone you know in .txt format isn't likely to gain
you anything; nor is it likely to multiply your efforts by inducing
other marketers to redistribute the report for you.

Instead, you must start from a different point. You must determine
what topic people are looking for related to your specific
affiliate product. For instance, do they need more information
about the product itself? Do they need to know how to use that
product effectively? Whatever your angle happens to be, make sure
that it lines up with the wants of your customers and also ties in
nicely with your affiliate product.

Next, create the actual viral report and embed your affiliate link
in multiple places. If you have a site and a list, you may want to
instead post a link to your list - and then use back-end mechanisms
to make the sale.

Your last step is to actually ensure that this viral report a) gets
into as many people's hands as humanly possible; and b) gets into
the hands of people who will definitely redistribute it to others
without charging any fees. This is where the art of free viral
report distribution comes into play.

A good way to distribute your viral report is to create a buzz on
forums (as I discussed in the last email). You will want to discuss
some specific experience you had related to the topic you will
cover in the report - and you will want to do it well in advance of
your release date.

You will then want to start talking up your release - and also
explain that the report will be completely free. Furthermore, you
may want to even start locking people in for immediate distribution
via email by getting them to join a list.

Additionally, you may want to check out:

which is an excellent tool you
can use to create the actual viral reports.

Once you have begun building a forum buzz for the report, you will
want to go to e-zine owners in your particular niche and ask them
if they are interested in getting a free report on whichever
subject you are marketing. The distribution effect will multiply,
subsequently multiplying your sales.

Now, that covers the basics - the step-by-step process for creating
a report and marketing it. But how can you find good topics to use
for your reports, so that people will actually want to make sure
that they read them; and, further, will want to be the first to
refer them to their lists and friends?

Always, always, always try to find current, narrow topics, rather
than looking for broad topics. In some sense, using free viral
reports is a short term strategy. You aren't going to write
something as lengthy and comprehensive as an ebook. Rather, you are
going to shoot for something that is 5 pages in length, but very

In my last email, one of the techniques I outlined was
piggy-backing product releases - that is, reviewing a product and
releasing a review almost simultaneously. Of course, this will take
a fairly superhuman effort on your part; however, it will pay off
by a factor of ten if you actually do it.

Start by sketching a list of some upcoming product releases for the
markets in which you sell. If you're selling Internet marketing
products, you'll find that most launches are announced well ahead
of time, which means you should have no problem identifying these
dates and clearing your schedule ahead of time.

Next time one of these products is released, purchase it at the
absolute earliest available date. Read through the material as
quickly as possible, taking copious notes on everything you read.
Don't just take notes on the content, though; focus on "strengths"
and "weaknesses" and "reasons to recommend."

Remember, the most important part of creating a good viral review
is getting the circulation started early. So don't worry about
making it perfect. Instead, worry about churning out something that
is high-quality, but doesn't require so much work that you cannot
create it in a matter of 1-2 days.

Once you have finished racing through the material and taking
notes, compile everything into a report; and then follow the steps
I outlined earlier in this email. Inevitably, someone will post
"Did anyone purchase guru x's latest product?" You can immediately
follow this up by posting your review. These types of posts
generally get a ton of traffic following a major product release,
so you can virtually guarantee the circulation of your free report
if your strike early; and get that report up on some forums.

If you do everything right, you'll be blown away by the results you
get. In fact, you could easily earn all of your money releasing
reviews after major product launches. Just get the timing down; and
develop a reputation as a good, objective review writer.

That's all for today. Don't forget to look out for the next issue.

To Your Success,
Pawel Reszka


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